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Use the links in the left panel to find content that was (i) originally on my "old" website, (ii) some content in my pickup folder on the school's server, and (iii) google class room. 

Google class room implementation
  • The tentative plan is to use this site to submit your prelab and lab reports online.
  • To enroll (i.e. sign-in; join a class) in Google classroom, (i) log into email account, (ii) goto: (e.g. via 9 dot icon in the upper right corner of the website), then (iii) select "+" sign in the upper right corner of the website; (iv) enter class code to join the class:
    • period 1 honors chem:   enrollment closed
    • period 2 honors chem:  enrollment closed
    • period 3 ap chem: enrollment closed
    • period 4 chemistry: zvd3vzk
  • to submit your assignment, log into your email account, then select the link in the left lower panel on this webpage to access the Google Classroom website, where you can find the assignment, which can be accessed by clicking on its title.  
  • submit your assignment using google doc rather than Word due to the ability to add comments to your submission; otherwise, zero points on the assignment.
  • submit revised assignment.
  • link to student Google Classroom Help.

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