A sound physical education program progresses from simple to more advanced learning experiences related to the interests and abilities of the students.  The SFR Physical Education Program is structured in such a way that the duration, intensity, and frequency of activities not only motivate students but also meet their individual needs.  Each and every student is given an equal opportunity to participate in a balanced physical education program.

At the elementary and middle school level students are exposed to experiences that encourage them to enjoy physical activity. Through effective practices students will learn to value the effects of physical activity and its roll on positive lifelong health and well-being. Every student is provided with an opportunity to develop decision making and problem solving skills. The program embraces differences in students' interests, potential and cultures.

Finally, the development of personal skills is an essential part of SFR’s physical education program. To this end, students will be given opportunities to develop basic social skills, including teamwork, problem solving, leadership and effective communication.