Welcome to Mrs. Abarro's music class!  
Teacher Bio:

Barbara Abarro received her Undergraduate Degree in Music Education from VanderCook College of Music in 1995. Having taught elementary and middle school level band for 8 years, she pursued her Master's Degree in Music Education from VanderCook and was granted her MMED in the summer of 2003. She then went on to teach band and choir at the high school level. Currently, she teaches general music and the school choir at St. Frances of Rome and Epiphany Catholic Schools.

Mrs. Abarro is the one of the few women in the country leading a community band. She has been a performing member of the Tinley Park Community Band since 1993, playing bass clarinet,baritone saxophone and trombone and has been it's conductor since 2008.

SFR Music Mission:
The purpose of music classes here at SFR is to teach all students the fundamentals of making, creating and performing music on various classroom instruments such as the xylophone, recorder, hand bells and non-pitched percussion instruments like the maracas, drums and tambourines.  We also teach the foundations of sight singing that prepares the children to be active participants in the musical parts of the Catholic mass.

Studying music helps create a well-rounded student.  Students who are involved in music often have better math and language skills.  They tend to have better organizational and time management skills as well as higher levels of achievement on standardized state tests.