We are having trouble with the printers (again), I will upload spelling words for students online as well as try to print the spelling packets. PLease look under the spelling tab on your left and scroll down to files click on the file named spelling words for week of (click on the correct date).  Sorry for the inconvenience

Sunday Reflection

I will NOT be handing out Sunday Reflections every week because of lack of paper. Please bring a piece of paper and pencil or a notebook in order to answer the falling questions:

  1. Student name /date
  2. I went to mass at (TIME)
  3. The church I attended was
  4. The priest celebrating mass was
  5. the color of the priest;s vestments were
  6. From the Gospel I learned
  7. Parent signature 

I will have these questions on my website. 

Sorry the inconvenience,




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