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Introduction To The World Wide Web

The goal of this class is to work with students who have basic knowledge of computers (basic keyboard/mouse skills) and the like, to get them introduced to using the internet. It is intended that this class will be accessible to students who have not taken other classes in our curriculum

Teacher notes:

1. Welcome, Introductions, and Expectations (5-10 minutes)

Instructor: (Note: For some of the Tech Lab students, this is their first time touching a mouse/keyboard. You may have to first start out with explaining the functions of a mouse, i.e. left click, right click, double click, single click, etc.). 

Ask the class to go around the room and introduce themselves and explain what interest them about the Internet. 

2. The Magic of the Internet and Definitions…. (10-15 minutes) 
  • What is the Internet and what can you find there? 
Instructor: Ask this question to the students to begin a dialogue and to get a feeling for what they are interested in learning. The internet is made up of computers talking (or communicating) with each other. 
Instructor: Draw a visual of computers sending information from one computer to the next. 
  • How do you get online? 

Instructor: Briefly(!) explain how a computer can connect to the internet- without going into too much detail. See below for key terms to cover. 
    • Router/Modem (folks will ask about free or low-cost options- try and reel the discussion back to open-access labs, public libraries)
    • Browser
    • Search engines (show the difference and similarity between Yahoo! and Google)

3. Let’s Get Started…. (30-40 minutes) 

Instructor: Walk each student through opening a browser (this is a time when you should walk around to each student to guide them- double click or single click instruction is important here). 
    • Pass out Screen Shot Handout 1
    • Go through each item on the toolbar (drop down menu can be addressed briefly). 
Instructor: It is important for each student to work along with the instructor. 

4. Now the fun part! Choose one or more of the following (based on student interest and time, or any other website that is applicable). (40-45 mins)
  • Individual searches
  • Google Earth
  • Google Maps 
  • Google Streetview 
  • Public Library Website 
  • Online news media (CNN, MSNBC, SFGATE) 
  • Craigslist

5. Wrap-up. 
  • 5 minutes before the end of class give the students a warning that you are running short on time. 
  • Before the students leave, pass our a current TTL Calendar, the following month and any other announcements. If students are interested, please register for classes with the Front Desk Admin. 

Note: We always run out of time, but if the students learn a little about the Internet and are more confident, then the class was a success.