Intermediate Computer Skills Class Overview

   The TTL’s Basic Computer Skills course has become the most popular class offered and many students who complete this course ask what course they should take next. Traditionally we have offered a variety of different intermediate level courses offered at different times on different days during the afternoon time throughout the month. Attendance has dropped at the intermediate class level over the years and the structure has never been formalized. The intention of this class is to reorganize all of the different intermediate level courses into one Intermediate Computer Skills curriculum held in the afternoons, four days a week, for three weeks (similar to the time structure of BCS). This format would ask students to commit to the ICS course in the same way they made a commitment to the BCS course where upon completion of ICS the students would receive a certificate of completion for their resume and portfolio. Incorporating a new curriculum for an afternoon ICS class will allow our BCS students to increase their computer literacy level while keeping the classroom full every afternoon.

1.  Goals
The goal of this class is to teach intermediate skills for Windows PC’s and Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.  The lessons include:
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Email/Google Platform
  • File Management and Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Craigslist and
  • Social networking (Facebook, Twitter, Skype, and blogging
 2.  Class Outline
The class outline is a suggested sequence for lessons.  The intent is to present these topics in a logical order that ensures each new topic has a foundation as skills are added.  The outline has links to Teacher Notes.  Both the Class Outline and the Teacher Notes have references to Handouts and Activities that may be used to reinforce the lessons.
 3.  Teacher Notes
The teacher notes provide more details on the content for each lesson.  The notes also have references to activities and/or handouts that support the lesson.  The Activities are prepared text to be used as exercises to help illustrate the lesson.  The class outline suggests activities for most lessons but the teacher can select whichever is appropriate or use other examples.   
 4.  Intermediate Computer Skills Exercise
A simple exercise can assess the incoming skill level and help to pace the class.
 5.  Assumptions
·         The adult students have limited knowledge of how computers work.
·         They may not have the same skill level (some may have more basic skills, some may have more advanced skills).
·         The instructor has a good understanding of MS Windows and MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
·         The lesson plans are a guide for each topic, not a full instruction set.
·         Each lesson is a unit that has suggested timelines for the topic (for example, Word and Excel will need more time to be taught than Email or File Management) 
      This allows the instructor to pace each class for the skill level of the students.
·         The computer classroom will have the following resources:
-          Windows XP
-          MS Office 2003
-          A typing program (e.g. Mavis Beacon)
                              -          Access to the internal hard drive or removable storage for student files (flash drives or CD’s