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7 West Homeroom

Syllabus (2017-2018)

Ms. Struebing l.struebing@sfepiphany.org 7W

Tutoring Hours: Tuesday & Thursday 7:30-8:00 AM

Please remember that all of our classroom rules are based on the student handbook, which can be found in the agenda.

Students should be in line by 8:00 AM, or they will be marked tardy. Students should give themselves enough time to go to their lockers and be in line BEFORE the 8:00 bell.

Students will be respectful of themselves, their peers, their teachers, and all other school personnel. Students will be given one verbal warning, then a detention, and then a conduct referral for minor infractions. Serious infractions may result in a conduct referral or a visit with the principal. Detentions are served the day of the infraction - for up to 15 minutes after school.

Birthday treats may only be easy to pass out, and passed out at the end of the day. A pre-packaged treat is recommended. If your child is having a party, invitations may not be given out at school. No individual gifts or decorations are allowed for birthdays or holidays at school.

Cell phones should remain in the bottom of the child’s backpack and OFF.

As seventh graders, the expectation is that you are responsible for your learning. This means that we expect you to be the one to ask questions regarding grades and expectations.

Our special classes schedule:

Tuesday - Makers Lab

Wednesday - Spanish

Thursday - P.E. (Wear P.E. uniform)

Friday - Library

7th and 8th grades celebrate 8:00 AM mass on Fridays.

Some notes about homeroom:

  • Always have a silent reading book!

  • Turn in everything for the office in the green bag.

  • Turn in “return from absence note” or absent work to Ms. Struebing

  • Any inquiries should be asked via email; it is the best way to reach Ms. Struebing

7th Grade Homeroom

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