"Striving for an Excellent, Catholic, & Transformative Education"

Mr. Oliver G. Meneses, M.Ed., M.C.

Tutorial Schedule
Tuesday & Thursday
3:15PM - 3:45PM

8-West HOMEROOM & Subject Teacher
Physical Science
(Chemistry & Physics)

7th Grade Subject Teacher
Life Science

6th Grade Subject Teacher
Earth Science
(General Science)

Exploratory Group
(Filipino 101)

The School of the Epiphany is committed in preparing the students to be ready in facing the world by providing them the best quality Catholic and transformative education that it can offer. To meet the standard of achievement and excellence, one needs to challenge oneself so as to overcome one's fear of not doing anything at all.

It is my goal, therefore, to bring out the goodness and full potential of my students; guiding them to the path of discovering their worth so as to shine out and be the best persons that they can become! All these begin and can happen by doing their ordinary duties extraordinarily well.