Welcome to 1 East

Epiphany's Student of the Month for 1E is Tristan. Tristan is an excellent student. He shows his love for learning new things by showing curiosity in asking questions about what he is learning.

Monday, February 27-Friday, March 3: Peanut Butter and Jelly collection for the needy. Please help us with this community service project.

Monday, March 8: Addition time test (children must be able to add 10 facts in 1 minute)

Show and Tell Theme for 2/28/17: Choose an animal environment we learned about in class. Be prepared to say:
  • The name of your environment
  • The kind of weather in this environment
  • Animals and plants living in this environment
Remember to be prepared by practicing at home several times before your show and tell day. 
    **Check calendar in Friday folder OR 1E website for assigned day for your child. The day changes every week.

Spelling word list for 2/27/17: No spelling test this week

*Remember that school uniform policy for shoes is to be all black with shoelaces. Please remember this when purchasing new shoes for your child.

*Homework is assigned Monday-Thursday. Check agenda for assignments. Homework assignment is placed in agenda "pocket" every day. Be sure to sign the yellow box in agenda to acknowledge that you reviewed assignment/notes.
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