Turn In Items

Donate your cell phone and help someone in need!

Support the Department on the Status of Women

1) Drop it off! 25 Van Ness Avenue, Suite 240, San Francisco, CA.

2) Send your cell phones via Inter Office Mail to Department 48. 

All brands are accepted and phones do not need to have a charger. 

Call 415-252-2570 for more information.

Turn in surplus items to the Virtual Warehouse in five steps: 

  1. Get approval from an authorized official or your supervisor to turn in reusable, broken, or obsolete surplus items from your department.

  2. Fill out the form on the appropriate page: Electronics & Computers, Scrap Metal, or Everything ElseIf you have more than 5 items, please complete the VW Multiple Items Form.

  3. Submit a clear photo of each reusable item to the VW Administrator at sfgovrecycling@sfenvironment.org. Items will be posted to the  “Available Items List.” Reusable items must be held at your facility for a minimum of 30 days.

  4. If items are broken or obsolete, the VW Associate will provide instructions for proper recycling. Electronic items will be picked up for free at your location by a local e-waste hauler. 

  5. VW Administrator will notify you if an interested City Department, school, or non-profit organization would like to pick up your items. If the item(s) you submitted is reused within your department, please notify the VW Administrator immediately so the item can be removed from the Virtual Warehouse.