Tomorrow January 8, 2018 is a snow day. 

The activities for 1/8 will be due on Thursday 1/11. 

Snow day activities-

Log into ThinkCentral look under Assignments:

Language Arts/Reading

1.     You will note that Journey’s Practice book lesson 15 is assigned.  Please print out and complete the following pages:    (If you are unable to print out worksheets please write answers only a sheet of paper)

211- Compound Word

212- Titles for People- You may want to read page 474 in Journey’s Book you took home on Wednesday or you may want to look at the book in your library under ThinkCentral.

213- Compound Words

215- Spelling Compound Words

216- Abbreviations

222- Dictionary Entry. 


2.     Re-read:  Officer Buckle and Gloria, make a safety tip poster for school.

3.     Watch the Grammar Snap video under assignments.

Social Studies:

1.     Log onto Brain Pop Jr., crosenfelder and snowman

2.     Go to Social Studies, Biographies, Martin Luther King, Jr.

3.     Watch the Video

4.     Choose either hard quiz or easy quiz and take the quiz.

5.     Print out quiz or write answers on a separate piece of paper.

6.     Think about what person who made a difference in our world that you may want to do for the Wax Museum.



1.     Log in to math facts pro and practice math facts.

2.     If you are unable to log on you may write the 9 and 10 additional facts to 12. (9 + 1= 9…)

3.     If you are able to watch the Math on the Spot video for lesson 5.3 (subtraction).  We will begin this lesson when we return.


1.     Do a kind deed.

2.     Say a prayer for someone in need.


January 5th-No School Snow Day

Requirements for the Snow day.

Math:    Students should log onto Math Facts Pro, you may use the links page on the web page to access.  Students should practice facts for 5 
                   minutes.  Remember you must log in this way I can check how long you were on math facts pro.  If you are unable to log onto Math                        Facts Pro write the additions tables for plus 7 and plus 8.  example: 7 + 0= 7, 7+2=   
             Students should make up 1 word problem and solve.  It may be either addition or subtraction.   

Reading:  Log onto ThinkCentral.  Check assignments and complete the book assigned.  Read leveled reader.
Spelling:  Write spelling words in ABC order, neatly.

Cursive: practice writing letters i, l, t, u, and e.  Write them at least 3 times.  Circle the neatest one.  Write the words tell, let, tie three times in cursive and circle the neatest one.

Grammar: Dictionary skill please complete the questions below. 

 Finding Words In a Dictionary
   If you want to find a word quickly in a dictionary,   think about whether you'd find the word in the   front, middle, or back.
   In the front of the dictionary, you'll find words starting with A, B, C, D, and E.
   In the middle, you'll find words starting with F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, and P.
   In the back, you'll find words starting with Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, and Z.
   Tell where each word would be found in the dictionary.   Write front, middle, or back.

   1.  jacket  -  ________________     2.  storm  -  ___________________
   3.  blizzard -  ________________     4.  hail -  ___________________
   5.  thunder -  ________________     6.  rain  -  ___________________
   7.  tornado -  ________________     8.  gust  -  ___________________
   9.  breeze -  ________________     10.  snow -  ___________________
  11. Which word is closer to the front   of the dictionary- freeze or icicle?     ________________________
  12. Which word is closer to the back of the dictionary- umbrella or wet?     ________________________
  13. Which word is closer to the front of the dictionary- cold or hot?          ________________________
  14. Which word can be found near the middle of the dictionary- hurricane or earthquake?     _______________________

Writing:  You may choose either How to make Hot Chocolate or How to build a snowman and write a paragraph.  You may illustrate or type your paragraph if you choose.  

Science: Log onto: log on: crosenfelder password: snowman.  Click Science, click matter, and click Solids, Liquids, and Gasses and watch the video.  After watching the video choose either easy or hard quiz and complete.  Don't forget to print off your results.  Don't forget to log out.

Religion:  Complete the Epiphany worksheets from yesterday.  Do a kind deed and write down what you did.

January 4th-No School Snow Day

Snow Day Requirements for Second Grade: (I sent home a packet with the students)  Students have 3 days to complete the packet.  The sooner the better.  Stay warm and safe.

Reading:  Read the story Officer Buckle and Gloria, pages 447-468.  I have also assigned it on Think Central you may also get to it on the Think Central Library.  After reading the story complete the Tri-fold.

Language Arts: Compound Words worksheet

Cursive: Practice Sheet

Spelling: Trace, Copy, and recall sheet

Science:  Read Beneath Our Feet:  The Four Layers of Earth and label the diagram.

Math:  Fact practice worksheet and subtraction worksheet.

Religion: Read the Epiphany sheet, complete the crossword puzzle, and color the Wise Men Worship Jesus sheet.

We normally would have Spanish and Art so no makeup work for these subjects.

If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me.

Mrs. Rosenfelder

Class Note:

Dear Parent,

This week we'll ask, "What might cause a story character to change?"  In the humorous fiction story Officer Buckle and Gloria, we'll read about the teamwork between a police officer and his dog.  We'll read about a different kind of teamwork in the play Safety at Home.  

This week's phonic skills are compound words; schwa vowel sound (was).  Our vocabulary strategy is dictionary entry.  Our comprehension skill is cause and effect-tell how one event makes another happen.  Our Comprehension strategy monitor/clarify-find ways to figure out what doesn't make sense.  Our writing focus is to persuade-opinion paragraph.  In math we will model regrouping for 2-digit subtraction using take apart strategy.  Science we will continue Cell two The Earth's Surface as we conduct investigations to explore the properties of rocks, gravel, soil, and sand, in order to further their understanding of the components of the Earth's Surface.  In Social Studies we will continue to learn about our community as we read and discuss leaders and our Country's government. In Religion we will read and discuss and celebrate the season of Christmas.     

Have a wonderful week!

Many thanks, 
Mrs. Rosenfelder
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