Good Morning!

The assigned sight words for the week of January 16th include the words:
are, now, one, two, from
The students will be assessed on January 22nd, 2018

The below Cyber work should have been completed and sent into school by Friday, Jan. 12th. It will be taken down at the end of the day on January 19th. Please submit any work that is missing.

Cyber Day Work: January 5th, 2018


Complete workbook page 127 from yesterday’s Cyber Day packet and reread the Shepherds reader with mom and dad. Make sure that you say grace before and after meals and the Hail Mary before you go to bed.


Read the story Penguin, Penguin and complete the following activities What Can Penguins Do? And Color By Sight Word. Review the Family Home Letter for this week’s Reading Lesson and discuss the “What is it?” section at the bottom of the page and complete the activity, “My Favorite Color.”


This week we are creating addition sentences that equal 6, 7, & 8. Go outside and create addition sentences that equal 6, 7, & 8 with snowballs. When you go inside write down five addition sentences that you created to be submitted. Check your addition sentences using your two-sided counters

Don't forget to read with Mom and Dad for at least 15 minutes and review all previously assigned sight words.

Cyber Day Work January 4th, 2018

In your student's backpack, you will find a SFDS folder that includes all of the written work that should be completed in three school days. I have included work for religion, reading, math, science, handwriting, and social studies. Have fun in the snow but be mindful that this Snow Day is considered a Cyber Day of School and work has been assigned accordingly.

As a Christmas Present, each student received A Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats. While this is a classic story for students, I have based some of my teaching off of this  picture book. Cyber Day work will be assigned based on this story.

We are still celebrating the Christmas season, please read the reader The Visit of the Shepherds with your student. Complete the workbook page 128 and discuss with your student some of the special things that your family does for Christmas. Please remember to say your before and after meal prayers and the Hail Mary before you go to bed.

To begin, please give the story A Snowy Day to you child and have them follow a read along with the following video. Please complete the assigned reading worksheets with your student. Your student should be able to draw pictures and identify the Characters, Setting, Problem, and Solution. Please complete this story map in your packet. Discuss the events in the story and the order in which they occurred and complete the Story Recall worksheet. Parents, please read the sentences to your student and your student should be able to cut and paste the event pictures in order by themselves. Lastly, please review snowy vocab together and complete A Snowy Day story vocabulary sheet as a guided activity. This is not intended as an independent activity. Parent directions are written at the top of the page.

Science and Social Studies:
On Tuesday a Scholastic reader came home with your student that we completed together that discussed all this snow and was based on the story A Snowy Day. In regard to vocabulary acquisition, we discussed how footprints in the snow are also known as 'tracks.' We talked about the weather and what it's like when it snows and your Science and Social Studies assignments will be based on these conversations. Please complete the worksheet Tracks in the Snow and Weather Dos and Don'ts with your student. 

In your packet, I have included a Winter Weather graphing page that requires the students to count and graph the articles of winter clothing listed. Please discuss the graph with your student when it is completed. Graphing is not an independent task for students yet and this is intended to be a guided activity. Please ask questions like, "How many more...gloves than scarves does your graph show?" and "How many gloves does your graph show?"
Lastly, we have been working on addition in kindergarten. Please use the two-sided counters and read the directions to your student for them to complete the addition worksheet

Please work alongside your child to ensure that they are completing their handwriting name sheet with proper hand positions and spacing. Review the handwriting documents that I sent home at the beginning of the year as a reference to posture, paper positioning, and hand/finger position.

Parents, I understand that this seems like a lot of work for your student to do. It is not intended to be independent work and it is in lieu of a regular school day. You have three days to complete the packet that I am sending home.
If you have any questions about anything that I have sent home, I will be available via email throughout the course of the day. I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.
Have a wonderful snow day!!
Mrs. McIntyre