Welcome Kindergarten Students and Parents!

  The warm weather of Spring has finally arrived! It is so nice to see so many smiling faces back from our Easter Break. We have several events and activities going on this month.  Wednesday, May 1st we will celebrate Mary at our May Procession at 1:45 in the afternoon. May 3rd, grades K to 4 will take a field trip to Goucher College to see a presentation called "Turning Kids on to Healthy Habits." May 17th students will enjoy our annual Fun Day and Gong Show.  There are many more fun activities to fill the month and as we move along I will keep everyone up to date!
  As a class, we have been working on comparing numbers, using number lines to answer addition problems, calendar and shape patterns, counting larger numbers, problem solving, and more/less/same numbers in the Math in Focus series. We are listening to great stories, getting introduced to our Alphafriends, and working on our handwriting and high frequency words in Language Arts.  In Religion, we are beginning our Family Life series and discussing different types of families and homes God has made for us.  We are discussing how we can use a map to find places and what a map key is and how we use it to help us find a place. In Science, we will begin looking at different animal habitats and creating our own nests. 
   As we move along through the month and lessons, I hope it will
strengthen our desire to learn and experience new ideas in the classroom.  Thank you for making this new year start off with smiles and lots of laughter.

Thank you
Miss Bailey

"Attempt the impossible, in order to improve your work."

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