Ms. Jackson/6th Grade World History





Dear Parents and Guardians,


This year I am pleased to be teaching Sixth Grade Social Studies.  In Sixth Grade, students will be learning about World History.  As we gain knowledge about different civilizations, we will also reflect on what we have learned and connect it to our global community.  Students will learn about different ancient civilizations dating back to pre-history times to the Modern Age.  Some topics covered (but not limited to) will be ancient world civilizations, regional civilizations, the Renaissance, the Age of Enlightenment and Revolution.  If time allows, we will cover at least one of the World Wars.


Students’ grades will be based on homework, mini assignments (current events reports), and cooperative group assignments.  In addition, students will have one major written project.  You will find information for the Sixth Grade Social Studies course on the the Fifth  Grade page.  Go to Ms. Jackson’s  Fifth Grade class page and click the Sixth Grade History link.  Please take the time, at least, each week to check the class page to stay informed.  Should you have any queries, you may contact me at my email address


Ms.  Jackson