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Friday, February 19th, 2016

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Things to do:
1. Today you have your 20% presentations
  • The rubric is as follows
    • 50 points - Do it. Answer all 9 questions. Get voted through.
    • 0 points - Do something other than the above list.
  • There is no in between
Here are the questions you need to present:
  • What is your project titled? (Think of something catchy or interesting)
  • What is your intended end product? There needs to be some final object that is created, not necessarily tangible, maybe simply an idea or something learned or gained. But it must be able to be presented.
  • What is the learning you anticipate happening?
  • Who will this benefit? Your project needs to benefit one OR MORE of four groups: Yourself, Your family, the North Sevier Community(which includes the school) or the world. This may be a sticking point for your pitch.
  • What are the materials you will need?
  • What is your time frame?
  • Who is your audience? This may not exclusively be Mr. Einfeldt. Though I will be watching, I want to be more of a helper on the side aiding in this process.
  • What about your project is worthwhile.
  • An image that represents your project idea.
2. Your points for blogging today come through this:
  • Voting form - You need to fill this out for all presenters to get credit.
I have full veto power for all presentations. I will veto any project that is either dangerous, illegal, harmful to yourself or others, or what I consider a complete waste of time. I will also push through a project that to me seems to have been voted down by reasons other than those appropriate. 
Other than that, it will be completely up to your peers. 
Good Luck!

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