Ideas for reading presentations on standards

Remember, I am assessing these standards:
RL.1 - Cite Sources
RL.2 - Themes (Looking at the messages gained by the story supported by quotes)
RL.3 - Characters (HJ Archetypes)/Setting (looking at how characters and setting play a role in the story supported by quotes from the book)
RL.4 - Connotative and Figurative Language (looking at symbolic nature of words and objects to create a message or theme supported by quotes)
RL.5 - Storyline/HJ Steps (What are the hero's journey steps of your story, supported by quotes)
RL.7 - Looking at a text from multiple perspectives (literary lenses, uncovering a theme, supported by quotes)
W.4 - Coherent Writing Appropriate to task (Make me care, make it interesting, make it school appropriate)
W.6 - Use the Internet to produce your writing including collaboration tools (Post this online somewhere. On a blog, in a google doc, on YouTube)

*In red - Potential standards hit in the process
1. Set up a discussion time with me to discuss these standards: Advisory or until 4 after school are decent times. (All but W.4 and W.6)

2. Write a 5 paragraph essay detailing Hero's Journey in your story. Ideally set up this way:
            Paragraph 1 - Intro
            Paragraph 2 - Hero's Journey Steps and textual evidence
            Paragraph 3 - Hero's Journey Archetype
            Paragraph 4 - Theme(s) Learned from looking at text through structure
            Paragraph 5 - Conclusion
        (All but R.L.4)
3. Do #2 but in video format
        (All but R.L.4 but includes W.6 - Use of Technology)
        (All. Use your imagination on how this works)