The mission of the Trula Lawson Early Childhood Center, is to foster a safe, nurturing environment that encourages children to obtain their potential socially, emotionally, and academically

At Trula Lawson Early Childhood Center we believe
                                                                                              Cindi Loveday    
                                                                                                                         PreK Coordinator 
Communication between school staff and parents is integral for                       Special Education 
student success                                                                                                 Email:  cindiloveday@sevier.org

Developing character is a part of education.
A safe supportive environment nurtures learning and success.

Children should be given opportunities to learn in the least restrictive 

Parents are vital parts of the educational team 

Schools are the framework for the development of life skills 

All children have the right to reach full potential within every learning 

A family's right to privacy should be respected 

All children deserve to feel valued as unique individuals 

Dignity, respect and trust are integral parts of the learning process 

All learning styles need to be addressed