Work Based Learning

Work-Based Learning (WBL) activities are part of a structured system, open to seniors. The activities allow students to apply classroom theories and explore career options at the work site during 4th period each day, as well as connect classroom learning to work.

Work-based learning is not a class. It is a method of instruction that enhances a related marketing class in which a student is enrolled. Credit earned in work-based learning is through the regular class in which the student is enrolled at the same time as the WBL experience. The credit is recorded as an additional credit in that class. The WBL experience does not replace the regular class instruction time.

  • Students must have a marketing class 1st, 2nd, or 3rd period in order to get Work-Based Learning during 4th period. 
  • The class and Work-Based Learning are part of each other, and the grades will be the same for each period, 75% marketing class and 25% Work-Based Learning. 
  • Students must not be absent more than 10 days during the semester and must accrue 180 documented hours to complete the work based learning program and receive credit. 
  • Two credits are earned, one for the marketing class and one for the Work-Based Learning period.