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Course Descriptions

Advertising & Public Relations

Advertising and Public Relations is designed to develop an understanding of concepts and strategies needed to communicate information about products, services, ideas and/or images to achieve a desired outcome.

Marketing and Management Principles I

This course substitutes for the required economics credit

A study of marketing concepts and principles and their practical application. Students will examine risks and challenges marketers face to establish a competitive edge. Subject matter includes economics, marketing foundations/functions with emphasis on selling, promotion, product/service management, pricing and distribution. In addition, this course will explore human resource and leadership development.

Marketing and Management II - Advanced Strategies

This course is a study of marketing concepts and principles used in management. Students will examine challenges, responsibilities and risks managers face in today's workplace. Subject matter includes finance, entrepreneurship, risk management, marketing information systems, purchasing, human resource skills, and leadership development.

Personal Finance and Building Wealth

This course substitutes for the required personal finance credit

Personal Finance and Building Wealth is a course which develops student understanding and skills in such areas as types of personal finance and investments, the stock market, and stock valuation. Students acquire an understanding and appreciation of the need for saving and investing. The capstone activity of the course is the development of a diversified stock portfolio. Throughout the course, students are presented problem-solving situations for which they must apply academic and critical-thinking skills. Application of investment strategies is an on-going component of the course.

 Retail Operations

This course substitutes for the required economics credit

This course will include the various components of the retail trade. The subject matter will include marketing concepts, economic concepts, information management, finance and risk management, distribution and inventory, buying and pricing, promotion, selling, customer service, retail careers, integration with academic subject matter, the vocational student organization and the cooperative work experience. In this course, the student will learn that retailing is a significant and vital component to the United States economy and is quickly becoming an integral part of the global economy. Throughout the course the student will be made aware of the importance of retailing in its various forms as the final step in getting products and services to consumers in the market place. This course may be specialized to a specific area such as fashion retailing.