Apps and Games Workshop

Apps and Games Workshop
Welcome. Here you will learn to create your own apps and games. It uses LiveCode language which is both easy and powerful.

Getting Started
    Day 1 - Introductions, Installing and Writing Our First Program
What you will learn. What programs/games/apps you will create. What language we will use. See what others have done before you. See the help and support available if you have a problem. Then we download the latest stable release of LiveCode, install it and start it up to get familiar with it's programming environment. 
We start our first program, learning a few basic statements

    Day 2 - Writing More Fun Programs
We work on our next programs - Riddles and Greeting Cards. We learn how to add more cards and add graphics and sounds

    Day 3 - Making Games 

    Day 4 - Making Apps
    Day 5 - Your Projects

    Day 6 - On Your Own

Resources - for you to use
    LiveCode - where to find more info, tutorials and help with LiveCode...
    Graphics - where to find free graphics for your games...

Extra Lessons
    Sounds - how to add sound effects and music
    Special Effects - basics on moving objects