Lenses of Leadership

The 21st century organizational leader will require leadership with a mindset focused on the higher levels of thinking (creativity, analysis, evaluation, & synthesis).  The mindset led by the belief of a collaborative culture of individuals and teams working together to problem solve.  This culture is positively interdependent on each other.  Consider these trends:

  • Fuel-Cell vehicles
  • Next-generation robotics
  • Recycling Resources
  • Genetic Engineering
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Emergent Artificial Intelligence
  • Distributed Manufacturing
  • Sense and avoid drones
  • Neuromorphic technology

The reasons for these business developments can be argued that the changing paradigm is due to the shortage of energy, growth in population, and the mindset of efficiency for growth.  Our environment and the resources are depleting.  The depletion of our resources requires identifying the old paradigms and shifting to new paradigms.  This requires an effective leader to communicate and connect to others for change to occur.

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