Breakout Edu

posted Sep 27, 2016, 12:21 PM by Stephanie Coleman

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Have you experienced the thrill of the new entertainment form called Escape Rooms??? This thrill and excitement has come to the classroom with Breakout Edu.  Earlier this school year, I prepared the Breakout lesson called the Robot Apocalypse for my 7th and 8th grade students.  Breakout lessons have students using their critical thinking, problem-solving and cooperation skills while having fun together.  It was a blast! The set up and the materials did take a while, however the internet really helped me out with how to get everything perfectly set for the puzzles my students would need to solve to stop the Robot. I decided that I would use a Breakout lesson from the website instead of creating my own for my first Breakout experience.  I needed to see how it worked, the pieces that go into planning and most importantly I wanted it to be a success for my students.  While my students worked in their collaborative groups to move their way through the Breakout boxes, the clues and the locks, I did my best to stand back.  It was difficult to see the groups struggle at first and not pick up on the clues, however because I didn't help their success in completing the challenge meant so much more to all of us.  My 8th grade students finished the challenge between 25-40 minutes while the 7th grade groups took between 35-45 minutes to complete.  I look forward to creating my own Breakout Edu challenge soon, check back to see how it goes!