CAHNRS Student Senator for SES

posted Mar 26, 2013, 2:00 PM by Unknown user
The School of Economic Sciences Graduate Student Association will now be participating in the CAHNRS Student Senate.  The CAHNRS Student Senate organizes the CAHNRS Fall Festival, organizes events between groups in CAHNRS and the WSU community, and provides funds for club programs.  We will be holding an election to select our new CAHNRS senator to represent SES at their meetings every two weeks.  Attendance is also required to requisition funds from CAHNRS, so only apply if you can commit to regular attendance please.  Find below the job description for this position: 

The duties of the CAHNRS Student Senate representative shall be to:
Represent their respective club/organization at the Senate meetings to inform the Senate of the activities of their club, and to report the actions of the Senate back to their organizations.  
Voting rights:
Each Officer, Representative and Executive Council member, with the Exception of the Chair of the Senate, will have the power to vote.  The Chair will have the power to vote only in the event of a tie vote. Votes will be limited to one vote per representative of an (per) organizations.
Special committees shall be appointed as needed by the Senate to fulfill specific needs.  The chair of the special committee shall be elected from within the Senate.  Membership of special committees shall be made up of CAHNRS students. Special committees shall include:
Fall Festival, CAHNRS Awards Banquet as well all other CAHNRS Senate activities. Subcommittees may consist of the following: Dinner, Decorations, Communications (PR, Press, etc), and Clubs Displays Committee’s.