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Key Lingerie Trends for Fall And Winter

Fall fashion is our absolute favorite. Making sure you keep up with seasonal trends helps you to make the most of your budget and inventory.  Keeping up with all of the upcoming trends will help you capitalize on them and ensure you secure a constant flow of new looks. Many times, we see the typical trademarks that make up a fall collection--from striking navy hues to burgundy and emerald meshed perfectly with denser fabrics. This time of year we are observing fascinating, surprising styles in fall and winter collections. Here, we are sharing a review of our preferred trends of fall & winter designer lingerie that you may want to add to your collection.


Starting with the fabric of every great piece, a combination of mesh, velvet and silk has recently taken over the scene and we’re extremely excited about it. Velvet fabrics have been showcased in outerwear, activewear and even ready-to-wear pieces, so it is only logical that this trend is making a huge statement in the world of intimates too. Velvet can be incorporated as a simple detail, a panel or even covering the entire bra, and not only is it functional but simply stunning. Many brands have embraced the use of mesh and can be seen in many pieces from bodysuits to bralettes. Mesh fabric is breathable and can stretch which makes it a great addition to pieces and can favor a variety of body types.


This season, the bodysuit is making a big statement. We are thrilled to announce this trend is making a huge comeback and won't be going anywhere soon. Today, more than ever, the bodysuit is being worn as a statement outerwear piece. This trend has been taken to the next level thanks to brands like Lise Charmel. Other shapes we love this season include contemporary and sporty looks from longline bras to demi cups that implement the use of linear patterns and paneling. These pieces complement a women’s figure by giving it a bold and passionate look. Expect to see more this holiday season.


Prints on prints have made a huge statement and the popularity has risen especially for this time of year. From animal to stunning embroidery, we are thrilled and love the creativity many brands have implemented in their pieces for this season. Prints are highly popular, forget about the typical animal prints think more of beautiful flower designs and patterns that are just too good to keep indoors. Embroidery patterns, like star prints, add some spice to your everyday bra. Besides star embroidery, hearts and flower patterns are without a doubt some of the most popular designs. Heart prints skillfully mixed with solid shades can create an amazing look, while others will be reproduced more traditionally. Flower prints are so prevalent at this point that they can easily be matched. 

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