Getting Started on Safety

1. EVERYONE NEED TO DO THIS STEP!!!Two questions to make you show up on the safety list.

2. This link will get you to the general and hand tool safety video (you will need to log in)

2. Use this link to watch the video for the first four power tools that you will use. 
    • If you need to use other tools you will need to do the safety for those later. 
4. Do the safety quizzes 
    • General and hand tool safety    <-    NEW STUDENTS MUST COMPLETE THESE
    • Scroll saw                                      <-    NEW STUDENTS MUST COMPLETE THESE
    • Miter saw                                       <-    NEW STUDENTS MUST COMPLETE THESE
    • Drill press                                                 <-    NEW STUDENTS MUST COMPLETE THESE
    • Belt/disc sander                                <-     NEW STUDENTS MUST COMPLETE THESE
    • Band saw
    • Table saw
    • Router
    • Lathe
4. Make your name tag for the safety wall and get it signed off by the teacher. 
    • Wood is under the sink. Directions are above the sink. 
5. Find a project at your level (new students are level 1)
    • Before getting any wood, finish the project planning guide paper (on the refrigerator)
    • Get this checked off by the teacher then let's start making!