To get started safety will be done through edPuzzle 
  • Video Questions will be graded!
  • login with google
  • copy class code you will need it
Period 1 - 
Period 2 - ditefip 
Period 3 - epsizbe 
Period 4 - ezrakti 
Period 5 - tewsavi 
Period 6 -  mofuzjo

When you are done start looking at project ideas on instructables.com!
    Search tips
                          • Remember we have 6 weeks, some projects will be too big to do.
                          • Search "wood" or "woodworking" since there are a lot of projects on the site
                          • If you find one you like show Mr. Gasser 
                          • After he has a look and says it MIGHT be possible go here to share your ideas with Mr. Gasser so he knows what you want to make!