Book Fees & Damages

Students should report any unrecorded damages to staff within 2 weeks for textbooks and 1 week for class novels and regular library books. Please note that any book returned with an unknown substance will be considered unusable. Therefore, students are encouraged to bring liquid damaged books to the library as soon as possible for evaluation. In some cases, mild, non-toxic liquid damage may be removed and fees may be reduced. More extensive liquid damage, or if the substance is unknown, may require library staff to remove the book due to growth/spread of mold and other health concerns.

Book is Lost = Full replacement cost of book

Book returned with liquid/other damage and considered UNUSABLE = Full replacement cost

Book returned with damage but considered STILL USABLE = $10 minimum for textbooks /$5 minimum for novels/library books up to half the cost of the book.

Liquid or other damages include: water, coffee, chemicals or other unknown substances, food, gum, candy, dirt, stains, odors (i.e. perfume, chemicals, cigarettes, etc.), torn or broken spine, torn/bent cover, writing, graffiti, highlighter, barcode missing, torn/missing pages, sticky notes, flags, or post-its left in book.

Education Codes

19910 Malicious Cutting, Tearing, Defacing, Breaking or Injuring Library Property

19911 Willful Retention of Library Property

48904 Willful Misconduct; Limit of Liability of Parent or Guardian

See Lending Rules and Responsibilities for More Information