The Modern Language Association website includes a quick guide and templates to help you get started citing your sources in MLA 8th Edition format. Search questions or submit your own question to the Ask the MLA FAQ or get helpful advice the Behind the Style Blog.

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Click here for Works Cited: A quick guide.

Click here to access an Interactive Practice Template or click here to download a print version.

Click here to search the Ask MLA FAQ for answers to your specific citation question.

Click here to read the Behind the Style Blog.

Do you need to create a MLA 8 Works Cited page? Not sure how to write a proper citation for all your social media sources? My #1 recommendation is Columbia College's MLA Citation Guide.

Columbia College's MLA Guide offers example citations and their corresponding in-text citations-- from blog postings to podcasts, Youtube videos, as well as traditional print sources such as books and encyclopedias. Each citation page also includes general formatting information and tips to help you cite like a pro!

Columbia College Guide

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For a Sample Paper and Works Cited page in Word click here. For a Google Doc version click here. Another example paper can be found here.

Click here to cite a book.

Click here to cite an encyclopedia or dictionary.

Click here to cite an image.

Click here to cite social media or streaming video from web source (e.g. Youtube).

Wondering how to properly format your research page? Need some help in the writing process? Look no further than Purdue University's Online Writing Lab!

OWL offers a series of online workshops that will teach you how to format your research assignment using MLA, APA, & Chicago style formats. OWL also offers short demonstrations as a series of MLA vidcasts on their on the Purdue OWL YouTube Channel.

Be sure to check out the OWL Exercises section to learn more about proper grammar usage, punctuation, spelling, as well as sentence structure and style.

Links provided by Purdue University, Online Writing Lab.


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Click here to view a MLA Sample Paper on the OWL website

Click here to view a MLA sample Works Cited on the OWL website

Click here to view a video on MLA 8 core elements.

Looking for a tool to quickly and easily create a citation in MLA or APA? Use EasyBib's Citation Generator!

Plugin information from almost any source from websites to digital images and videos. EasyBib Generator will create a properly formatted citation for you to use in your research paper.

We recommend only using the EasyBib Generator AFTER you know the basics of MLA or APA style. To learn more, visit the above mentioned OWL website or the EasyBib Writing Center.


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Click here to access MLA 8 Format Guide & Citation Generator

Click here to view a APA Format Guide & Citation Generator

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