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Hi, my name is Jagadeesh Mohan Kumar Nambiar, commonly known as Jag.
I have been in the field of SEO & SEM for around 11 years and SMO from very beginning. Enjoys teaching, helping and recommends ethical web promotion. I have been blogging since 2005 and I write about search & social media practices. You can find them in my blog.

The blog has tips and techniques that can help to improve your website local & global search engine visibility.

I have developed Google Gadget named "SEO Tip a Day". The Gadget can be used in your iGoogle or site and this Gadget help visitors to learn a "SEO tip a day". SEO tip changes every day. Try now!

I am active in Facebook & Twitter. You are welcome to have a word with me over there!

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Jagadeesh Mohan

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