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Field guides & handbooks

Barlow, Wacher & Disley
A Field Guide to Birds of the Gambia and Senegal (Softback, 2005)
The only specific guide for Senegal and the Gambia and African Bird Club recommended book for Senegal, covering over 600 species (almost 570 illustrated). Note a revised Second Edition is due in September 2011.

Borrow & Demey Birds of Western Africa (Hardback, 2002) The only book (plus abridged versions below) to cover all 1285 West African species (all illustrated). 
Borrow & Demey Field Guide to the Birds of Western Africa (Softback, 2004)
Same maps and plates as in the book above, covering all West African species,  but condensed in to a field guide, with essential text for identification.
Borrow & Demey Guide des Oiseaux de l'Afrique de l'Ouest (Softback, 2008) Guide Idem mais en français. Traduction de "Field guide to the birds of West Africa".
Sinclair & Ryan Birds of Africa: south of the Sahara (Second edition, Softback, 2010) The first book to describe and illustrate all of the birds found in Africa south of the Sahara Desert (the Afrotropic Region) in one volume. 2,230 species described and more than 3,000 images assembled.
Kemp & Kemp Birds of Prey of Africa and its Islands (Softback, 2005) A two-page description of each species with both photos and drawings. Good supplement for this difficult group.
Ferguson-Lees & Christle  Raptors of the World: A Field Guide (Softback, 2005) Useful especially for species in flight for this difficult group.
Blomdahl, Breife & Holmstrom  Flight Identification of European Seabirds (Softback, 2007) Useful photograph field guide for the challenging identification of seabirds. Covers most species that occur in Senegal.
Svensson, Mullarney, Zetterstrom & Grant Collins Bird Guide (Second edition, Softback, 2010) It is useful to have a European/North African field guide for the identification of migrants. It generally has more plumage details than African guides. Svensson is probably the most complete and best.
 Svensson, Mullarney, Zetterstrom, Lesaffre & Paepegaey

 Le Guide Ornitho (Softback, 2010)   Guide idem, mais en Francais. Traduction de "Collins Bird Guide".

Species lists and distibution
African Bird Club Checklist of the birds of Senegal*. Follow the links to "Revised country checklists" here.    Nearly complete and available as a convenient pdf download.
Morel and Morel. 1990. Les Oiseaux de Senegambie. Notices et cartes de distribution. (Softback, Out of Print, but second hand at e.g. amazon.fr) An annotated atlas with distribuion maps at 1 degree square (about 100x100km) of records to the mid 1980s. Useful starter, though now out of date for some species. French text.
Sauvage and Rodwell. 1998. Notable observations of birds in Senegal (excluding Parc National des Oiseaux de Djoudj) 1984-1994.*  Free to download at Malimbus. where other papers from the journal relating to Senegal's birds up to 2005 can be found for free download. A supplement to Morel and Morel, with records listed by one degree square, for the years 1984-94. This is the most recent published distribution data for Senegal. Later updates are at the African Bird Club website Senegal News page and ABC Bulletin or, for species new to Senegal, have appeared in papers listed here
Rodwell et al. 1996. An annotated check-list of birds occurring at the Parc National des Oiseaux du Djoudj in Senegal, 19844-1994.* Free to download at Malimbus. Supplement to Morel & Morel for Djoudj 1984-94
Morel. 1988. Oiseaux de Sénégambie : liste de présence par degré-carré.* Free to download from IRD. where many of Morel's  other papers relating to Senegal's birds, most in French, are available for free download.  List by one degree square, essentially as Morel & Morel 1990, without supporting text and maps. 
Coulthard. 2001. Important Bird Areas: Senegal.*. Available from Birdlife International for free download. Due for review. An introduction to the avifauna and key sites for bird conservation.


Bird Sounds
Barlow, Hammick & Sellar. 2002. Bird song of the Gambia & Senegal. (3 CDs) Vocalisations for 265 species and sub-species, listed here. No commentary.
 Chappuis. Oiseaux d'Afrique. (two volume, 15 CDs)  Information is available here. 95% of species  are  covered, in two volumes covering West and Central Africa (11 CDs) and the Sahara  and North Africa (4 CDs). No commentary. 
Chappuis and the British Library. 2001. African Bird Sounds (15 CDs)  The UK version of the above.
Xeno Canto*. Available here Recordings, free to download, as a part of a voluntary project to make available world bird sounds.   

 Bird skins

 The bird skins held at IRD, M'Bour in Senegal, listed here.  An annotated list of Senegal's main collection of bird skins (c3000) that can, with appointment, be consulted.

Bird photograph collections on the Web*

 The African Bird Cub's collection is here. The collection can be searched by both species and the country in which the pictures were taken. 

The Internet Bird Collection is here.

 From the publishers of the Handbook of the Birds of the World. The collection has both still and video images and sounds.
The Birdguides collection is here

 A British collection, good for British and Western Palearctic species, so covering about a third of Senegal's regularly occurring species. 
* free