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Version history

1.9.2 Polish translation
1.9.1 Minor bugfixes
1.9.0 Minor bugfixes
1.8.9 Minor bugfixes
1.8.8 Bugfix sdcard on some KitKat devices
1.8.7 Performance improvement. Menu icon

1.8.6 Updated Billing and License API
1.8.5 Improved automatic backup
1.8.4 Language fixes
1.8.3 In App billing bug
1.8.2 Finnish translation

1.8.1 Fix week calculation
1.8.0 Backup directory timesheet. Using Backup Agent. Bugfixes
1.7.9 KitKat and Dropbox bugfix
1.7.8 KitKat bugfix
1.7.7 Fix bug Android 2.1
1.7.6 Keep scroll position in lists. Fix drawable list state in ICS. Added new widget types
1.7.5 Minor bugfixes
1.7.4 Bugfix comments. Translation CSV. Date format Filter/CSV
1.7.3 Automatic setting of Calendar (Europe/US)
1.7.2 Week calculation bugfix
1.7.1 Encodings moved into Export. Last saved bugfix upon Time entry. New Filter upon Time entry in Preferences
1.7.0 Encodings (Hebrew). Set default Project in Time entry. Week validation error. Date/Time in dialog. New structure preferences
1.6.9 Bugfix year switch
1.6.8 Bugfix for Android 2.1 Eclair
1.6.7 Bugfix for Android 2.2 Froyo
1.6.6 Improved In-App Billing
1.6.5 Improved server error logging
1.6.4 Minor bugfixes. Manually set sdcard. Bugfix validation in Settings. CSV report UTF8 correction. Bug report enhanchement. In-app billing support. Project name in Time tab. VAT for Expense and Mileage. Dropbox (unlocked version)
1.6.3 Bugfix sdcard for some devices. Bugfix rating dialog. Hour/Minute NumberPicker fix
1.6.2 Minor layout improvments. Some bugfixes
1.6.1 CSV sort in Settings
1.6.0 Tasks (can only be edited/deleted in the paid or ad based version). Layout and bugfixes
1.5.9 Changed default Year to 2012 in Timesheet Settings
1.5.8 Minor bugfixes: Allow negative expense. Swedish language correction. Correct Date/Time format
1.5.7 Swedish language correction. Manual settings for three languages. German text correction. Improved validation 
1.5.6 Default Arrive/Leave, Added time in sorting, Date header bugfix SDK 1.5, Themes, Previous year calculation bugfix, Improved validation on number fields
1.5.5 Bugfix release
1.5.4 Honeycomb bugfix and Report tab layout change
1.5.3 Application Widget
1.5.2 Bugfix release
1.5.1 Daily rate, target time and CSV delimiter setting
1.5.0 CSV layout change. Week calculation and Comment layout bugfix
1.4.9 Default year 2011
1.4.8 Delete in views
1.4.7 New launcher icons
1.4.6 Date format and CSV newline bugfix
1.4.5 Rounding error and code cleanup
1.4.4 Overtime calculation bugfix
1.4.3 Expense, Mileage, Time sorting and minor bugfixes
1.4.2 Sdcard support
1.4.1 Bugfix release
1.4.0 Language se, de. Using license server
1.3.9 Added backup and data transfer for Timesheet2
1.3.8 Validation bugfix
1.3.7 Overtime, VAT, color, CSV filter, automatic backup and various enhancements
1.3.6 Minor bugfix
1.3.5 Layout bugfix and added permissions for sdcard
1.3.4 Custom filter, show comments and minor enhancements
1.3.3 Wrap week, spinner default
1.3.2 Added week filter
1.3.1 Fixed project spinner, added back preference
1.3.0 Added email preferences
1.2.9 Minor bugfixes and delete of project
1.2.8 Email CSV
1.2.7 Flexible filtering
1.2.6 Added CSV export
1.2.5 Minor bugfixes
1.2.4 Improved date and time validation, added basic preference
1.2.3 Fixed language force close, layout changes, added days and hour display
1.2.2 Layout changes, validation
1.2.1 Added menu icons
1.2    Keep project selection
1.1    Fixed force close
1.0    Initial version