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Question: If you have problem?
Answer: Please contact me before giving a bad rating in Play. I will support and help you, this will also enable me to improve my app and hard work and making it better for everyone. Thanks!

 What is FAQ?
Answer: FAQ stands for frequently asked questions.
Question: How do I get started?
Answer: There is a short help under Menu, More and Help. The program have three tabs, Time, Project and Report. First you enter your project in Project tab and after your enter your time in Time tab. The report tab calculates your time sheet based on your current filter. Your CSV/email is generated based on your current filter. These four scenarios explain the Project setup.

Question: I get and error during Backup/Restore from my Dropbox account?
Answer: In Timesheet Settings under Backup, do a Deauthorize and then a new Authorize. Please note you have to use Timesheet2 or in Timesheet you need to do an in-app purchase for the Dropbox feature.

Question: Where is my menu button on my Samsung device?
Answer: Samsung has hidden the menu button on some devices, read here for more info.

Question: I can't see or enter data for year 2011 or 2012?
Answer: New default year is 2012, change the year you want to display in Menu, More, Settings under Calendar Settings under Set year, please select the new year.

Question: I have entered a project and time, but I can't see any data?
Answer: Check your current filter. You can clear it with the button clear filter. Now all data will be displayed. Please also check your current year in in Menu, More, Settings under Calendar Settings.

Question: Do I only need to buy Timesheet2 once?
Answer: Yes it's license is always valid. There is only a one time fee.

Question: What is the difference between Timesheet2 and the free Timesheet version?
Answer: If you use Timesheet with ads they are the same (Dropbox not included). If you Unlock Timesheet (no more ads and Dropbox support) they are the same.
Question: Ads shows again on paid app OR I get message Invalid License?
Answer: There is only a one time fee. Timesheet2 /Timesheet is always valid after purchase. Please note that you have to use the same Google account on your Android phone (also works with a new phone) as when you bought Timesheet2. Check Settings, Accounts & sync and under Manage accounts you need to sync with same Google account as when you bought Timesheet2. The applications in Google Play is connected to your Google account. Make sure you have a valid Internet connection. Try restarting your phone and check that you have an Internet connection by trying your browser. It could also help  to clear Google Play cache under Settings, Apps and under Google Play Store, Clear cache. Sometimes Google has problem with it's own license server, if this happens please wait 24 hours and try again. You can also try to deinstall and then install it new from Google Play. Please note that your data will dissapear, you can however do a Restore from within Timesheet to restore your data (that is if you have done a Backup before). If it still doesn't work contact me. 

Question: Does Timesheet support biweekly reporting?
Answer: Yes, set your Custom filter to the period you want to report on.

Question: Does Timesheet support checkin/checkout?
Answer: Yes, in it's own way. When you create a new Time entry and press Save, both Arrive/Leave will have the same time. Now when you leave at the end of the day, select the same Time entry, only Leave will adjust itself to the current time. Press Save and leave the office:-)

Question: How can I filter my data?
Answer: Set your filter with set filter button, a pop-up will let you set Week, Month or a Custom filter. Make your settings and press OK.

Question: Can I filter and show only one project?
Answer: Press the project button, select you project in the list. In the main Time tab you will now see your current selected project.

Question: How can I filter the CSV export?
Answer: The CSV export is controlled via the current set filter in Timesheet. The filter you have set is valid for your current display of data and also your CSV export.

Question: How can I import the CSV file into Excel?
Answer: To import the CSV file into Excel please refer to Excel help or search in Google. If your Excel looks scrambled, in setttings try change you CSV delimiter to either comma (,) or semicolon (;). In US the standard is comma (,) in Europe the standard is normally semicolon (;). If you still can't display your Timesheet correctly this Excel reference may help you. This article will further explain the problem.

Question: How do I delete data in Timesheet?
Answer: In the the different Views (Entry, Day, Week, Month or Year) you can delete your data. Long press on a row, a pop-up Delete can now be selected.

Question: How do I delete a project with all its time data?
Answer: In Menu and Settings and under General Settings, check the Cascade delete option. In Project tab, long press on a project, a pop-up Delete can now be selected.

Question: How do I delete a time record?
Answer: Long press on the row you want do delete and then select Delete from the pop-up.

Question: How do I change week setting for Europe?
Answer: Go into settings in Timesheet, set "First day of week" to "Monday" and "Display of week numbers" to "4".

Question: How do I change week setting for US?
Answer: Go into settings in Timesheet, set "First day of week" to "Sunday" and "Display of week numbers" to "1".

Question: What is VAT and what is it for?
Answer: For example in Switzerland the VAT is 8.0%. Under Project you then enter 8.0. For a specific period (called filter in Timesheet) you may for example work 150 hours in one month, and lets say you are paid 100 CHF/hour then your earning are 15000 CHF. Now upon sending your bill to your client your VAT is added on top, thus the final bill in Switzerland would be 15000 * 1.080 = 16200 (shown in the Report tab). Your VAT amount is 1200 CHF.

Question: Can I import all my data from Timesheet into Timesheet2 via sdcard?
Answer: Yes in Timesheet under Share, select Backup. Now start Timesheet2 and under Menu, Share choose Restore.

Question: Can I share my data via Dropbox?
Answer: Yes you can. Drobox has one limitation, since I'm using the same Dropbox folder "Timesheet by Semlasoft" for both Timesheet and Timesheet2. Dropbox does not allow both apps installed on your mobile at the same time and using the same Dropbox folder. For example copying data from Timesheet to Timesheet2 do the following: Start Timesheet, make a backup to Dropbox. Deinstall Timesheet and install Timesheet2, make a Restore from Dropbox.

Question: I get the Dropbox message: Security alert, Another app on your phone may be trying to pose as the app you are currently using...?
Answer: You have both Timesheet and Timesheet2 installed. Since they are the same use one of them and deinstall the other. Also see Question: Can I share my data via Dropbox? if you first want to transfer your data.

Question: How can I connect and browse my files on my Android phone?
Answer: If you are a developer check this out. If you are an end user, check this out.

Question: After an update my Timesheet link is broken and I can only start Timesheet through Google Play?
Answer: Restart your phone and if you have Timesheet link on your desktop recreate it again. No deinstall and install is necessary.

Question: How can I reinstall Timesheet2 after a factory reset?
Answer: As long as you log in/sync with the Google account you bought your app with you can reinstall Timesheet2 again at no cost from Google Play. There is only a one time fee, the application you buy in the Google Play is connected to your Google account.

Question: Error downloading new release in Google Play?
Answer: At some rare occasions the update does not work in Google Play. If this happens, in Settings, Applications, Manage applications locate Google Play application and "Clear cache". Try updating Timesheet again.

Question: Why is the Widget not available?
Answer: Due to restrictions in Android the Timesheet application must be installed on the phone for the Widget to work. Check phone Settings, Applications, Manage applications to move Timesheet between phone and sdcard.

Question: Problem loading widget?
Answer: During install/deinstall the current widget can produce the error "Problem loading widget". This is a known problem in Android, just drag the erroneous widget into the "dustbin" and recreate it.