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There are two ways you can Backup your data, either locally on mobile or via Dropbox. Please note to be able to Backup to Dropbox you have to buy Timesheet2 or do an in-app purchase in the free Timesheet version. I strongly recommend to backup via Dropbox.


In Timesheet Settings i.e. Menu, More, Settings, Backup do the following:
  • Authorize

Will call Dropbox Authorize and enable Timesheet with Dropbox. Click Allow to Authorize
  • Backup to Dropbox 

Enable Backup to Dropbox


When doing a Backup the files will either be stored locally on device or in Dropbox (if previous step was done). It is strongly recommended to use Backup with Dropbox especially if you buy a new mobile in the future. Your data can then be easily Restored onto your new mobile.

Backup - is done via Timesheet Menu, Share, Backup
Restore - is done via Timesheet Menu, Share, Restore


If you buy a new mobile and you used Dropbox, Authorize your new mobile with Dropbox and do a Restore as described above. 

If you did not use Dropbox and stored your files on your mobile itself locally, you can still transfer your files to your new mobile manually.
You can use AirDroid to access your files on your mobile. The files are located under sdcard/timesheet and are all ending with .dmp
Copy all the files via your computer and then copy them onto your new mobile into the same file structure sdcard/timesheet 
After your files are copied to your new mobile, you can now do a normal Restore within Timesheet as described above.

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