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Timesheet consists of three tabs; Time, Project and Report. In Time you enter you worked time. In Project you manage your Projects and in Report you can see
how much you earned. Via menu you can send your Report via email in CSV format. Timesheet supports the following four main scenarios.

Project tab

In Project tab your Projects are listed. By pressing the green plus sign you enter your new Projects:

Project: Project name for your Project
Rate: Your Hourly or Daily rate
Project color: When you have more than one Project you can set your color on each Project to easier identify your Project within Timesheet
OT type: A project can have four different Overtime calculations; None, Day, Week and Daily
OT after: This sets your point in time where your Overtime (OT) starts. On a Overtime type of Day this is normally 08:00 hours. On an Overtime type of Week this
is normally 40:00 hours
OT rate: This is your Overtime rate 
Target time: Your daily Target time. If you must work for example 8 hours a day set this to 08:00
VAT (%): VAT (Value Added Tax) is used to calculate your VAT on your total earning
Mileage rate: Mileage rate is your cost pro mileage
Comment: Comment for your Project

Time tab

In Time tab your Time is displayed according to your current filter. Your filter can be set for Project and Period. Additionally you have five Time Views; Entry, Day,
Week, Month and Year. In default view Entry you can enter your time by pressing the green plus sign. Day, Week, Month and Year display the same information in
different aggregations; for example in Week view you see your time based on each week (based on your current filter).

Project: Select your Project for which you want to enter your time
Date: The date you work
Arrive: Start of your day
Leave: End of your day
Pause: Enter you total Pause in minutes you had in this day
Expense: Enter your daily Expense
Mileage: Enter your daily Mileage driven
Task: Choose or create your new task and assign to your time entry
Comment: Comment for you time entry

Report tab

In Report tab you see your total earnings based on your current filter:

Period: Your period filter
Task: Your current task filter
Days: Number of days entered for your current filter
Rows: Number of distinct Time rows entered for your current filter
Target time: Tracks your Target time

Normal hours: Your hours worked. Not including your overtime hours
Overtime hours: You worked overtime hours
Total hours: Your total hours worked (normal plus your overtime hours)

Expense: Your total Expense
Mileage: Your total Mileage driven
Mileage cost: Your total mileage cost based on Mileage rate and Mileage driven

VAT (%): Your VAT rate in percent (in Switzerland the current rate is 8.0%)
VAT amount: Your calculated VAT amount based on your VAT rate and Total amount earned 
Billed: Your final total amount earned and which you bill your customer


The following features are only available in the free Unlocked version or Timesheet2
  • Tasks (full functionality)
  • Expense and Mileage setting (calculation within Report tab)
  • Widget (full configuration)
  • VAT
  • Overtime (day, week)
  • Daily rate
  • Target time
  • Company header setting
  • Date format and Language setting
  • Themes
  • Default Arrive/Leave settings
  • Dropbox support
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