Metrics Webinar Education Series for SEMI E10 and E79

By: David L. Bouldin
Chair, North America Chapter of the Metrics Global Technical Committee
Contract SEMI Standards Engineer
Principal Consultant, Fab Consulting

SEMI E10 and SEMI E79 are the two most widely used equipment performance metrics Specification Standards in the semiconductor and other related high-tech areas. SEMI E10 provides the methodologies needed for measuring and evaluating equipment reliability, availability, and maintainability (RAM) and utilization performance. SEMI E79 provides the methodologies needed for measuring and evaluating the productivity of equipment, using metrics such as overall equipment efficiency (OEE) and throughput. These Standards play a critical role in the everyday operations in manufacturing facilities, such as wafer fabs, around the world.

Often times many companies have asked how to correctly apply SEMI E10 and E79 after purchasing the Standards. In the past, SEMI has offered Standards Education Technical Programs (STEPs) to provide education focused on a Standard or set of related Standards. While the STEPs provide an excellent opportunity for companies to learn more about the application of Standards, STEPs were only offered during certain years/events resulting in a limited number of people who could participate.

To make education for SEMI E10 and E79 more readily accessible, SEMI and the SEMI Standards Equipment Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, and Productivity (RAMP) Task Force are releasing an educational webinar series focused on SEMI E10, SEMI E79, and other Metrics-related Standards. These educational webinars will serve as a supplement to enhance the application and correct usage of the existing current SEMI E10 and E79 Standards.

The initial two, complimentary, high-level webinars are now available for users to download. Please see below for descriptions and download information.

The first webinar offers a very high-level overview of the Metrics Global Technical Committee and the equipment performance-related metrics Standards SEMI E10 and E79 and how they work together with SEMI E58 and E116.

The second webinar is a high-level overview of the contents of SEMI E10. This SEMI E10 webinar is primarily intended for users who may be interested in purchasing E10 and to provide a very basic understanding of the key E10 terms and concepts as background for the following, more-detailed SEMI E10-related webinars. 

For the latest developments and more information regarding the Metrics Webinar Education Series, please contact David Bouldin at dbouldin@semi.org or david.bouldin@sbcglobal.net.

Note that due to the large file sizes, these webinar files have been zipped into .zipx format using WinZip. The user will need access to a reader capable of unzipping .zipx files.

Webinar 1
SEMI Metrics Global Technical Committee and Equipment Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, and Productivity (RAMP) Standards Overview (complimentary, ~30 min., .wmv file  when unzipped, ~47MB as a .zipx file)

Webinar 2
SEMI E10 RAM and Utilization Specification Standard Overview (complimentary, ~1 hr., as 2 .wmv files when unzipped; file 1 ~43MB [~28 min.] and file 2 ~50MB [~32 min.] as .zipx files)

The next two planned detailed webinars will cover the detailed example scenario, found in SEMI E10 Related Information 2, which demonstrates how to track the equipment states for different types of equipment systems (Part 1) and to calculate all of their metrics (Part 2). These webinars are scheduled for release in October and December.

The next complimentary webinar planned is a high-level overview of SEMI E79. This webinar is planned for release in early 2016 with additional, more-detailed webinars on both SEMI E10 and E79 to follow. Release of these webinars will be announced when available.