HB-LED Assembly TF Meeting
March 31, 2011
In conjunction with the North America Standards Spring 2011 Meetings (March 28-31)
SEMI Headquarters in San Jose, CA

Meeting Summary:
Reviewed proposed HB-LED Assembly survey to help identify opportunities where establishment of standards would:
  • lower costs of assembly
  • improve inter-operability among assembly steps or processes
  • increase potential for multi-sourcing assembly equipment, materials, or services
  • improve efficiency of assembly / packaging
  • increase yields and/or predictability and repeatability of assembly process steps
Inputs requested on HB-LED Assembly:
  • Biggest cost drivers of LED assembly / packaging
    • Assembly step or process that is inherently costly or inefficient
    • Possible problem spots in: fixturing | materials | handling systems | dimensions (die, package, footprint, length) | optical or vision systems | compliance with specs

Please contact Paul Trio (ptrio@semi.org) for any inputs or improvements to the survey.

Paul Trio,
Apr 13, 2011, 3:50 PM