D5173-Cycle 4 2012

Draft of D5173 to be balloted in Cycle 4, 2012

Notes:  May 16, 2012
New version (v. 6) uploaded:  Editorial cleanup to remove redundant figures and tables, blank lines in tables, synchronize updated Table 9 with the examples shown in "Related Information".  This version has all comments removed and all changes accepted.  If you would like to see the "Track Changes" version, please contact me (Rich Allen).

Notes:  May 15, 2012
Two new versions (v. 4, 5) uploaded: 
Version 4:  Marked up version reflecting technical changes discussed at out May 2, 2012 Teleconference.
Version 5:  All changes in Version 4 accepted; a few minor additional changes shown with "Track Changes" on

Notes:  May 2, 2012
New version (v. 3) uploaded:  Changes to text for consistency and to remove wording reserved for Safety Guidelines

Notes: April 27, 2012
New version (v. 2) uploaded reflecting suggested changes from the April 26, 2012 TF meeting.  The file was edited with Track Changes on, so you can clearly see the changes that have been made from the version balloted in January.  I am asking that you look at the modifications to the file, in particular the Tables and the lines that we are proposing to remove from the Order form for the Silicon Carrier wafers.

Please note that there are still many "broken" references to Tables and Figures; don't worry about these as I know they are there and will work on fixing them as I have time.

Our next meeting will be Wednesday May 2 at 8:00 p.m. (EDT)/Thursday May 3 at 8:00 a.m. (Taiwan). I will send out the WebEx and Call-In information on Monday, April 30.

Notes: April 25, 2012
First version (v. 1) reflects revisions suggested by "Negative" votes and "Comments" in Cycle 1, 2012 ballot as well as changes suggested by the Task Force.  The primary changes are splitting out the order forms for "device wafers" and "carrier wafers".  We will need to change the order forms to reflect the needs of the different users.

-Rich Allen
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