Aug 10 2011

SEMI 3DS-IC Thin Wafer Handling TF
August 10, 2011 Teleconference

Meeting Minutes:
1. ASE presentation:
a. Colin Liu (ASE) to check whether 200mm frame standards are available.
b. Semi Standards: G74-0699 Semi Standard for Metal Frame for 12inch Frame, G87-1108 Semi standard for plastic frame for 12inch Frame.
c. Paul to check if the ASE Frame drawings matched the Semi standards or not.
d. ASE to provide details on available standards for section 6.4 and 6.6.
2. Achilles/SEP presentation: question regarding the SNARF for SEMI Japan Packaging committee is answered by Paul (below).
a. This document is not limited to thin wafers – SEP/Achilles to check if modifications are needed to accommodate “thin wafers”.
b. Procure the actual copy of draft standard - Paul
3. Sematech presentation: Andy
a. Shipping box recommendations need to be addressed.
b. Decided to try both flows i.e. C4 side down and C4 side up for shipment experiments.
4. Next Meeting (Conference) will be on September 28 – 5PM to 6PM
a. Details about the teleconference will follow later.

Paul Trio,
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