Mar 29 2011 Mtg

Inspection & Metrology Task Force Meeting
March 29, 2011
In conjunction with the North America Standards Spring 2011 Meetings
SEMI Headquarters in San Jose, CA

  • TF will develop and distribute a process flow map with known, as well as potential, areas for metrology identified. Members are asked to report which of these areas they can contribute
  • IMEC presentation on “Metrology for Bonding”
  • SNARF drafted for 3DS-IC TSV Physical Parameters
    • Rationale
      • A number of different technologies exist which can be used to measure various physical parameters of a TSV or arrays of TSV’s such as pitch, top CD, top area, depth, taper (or sidewall angle), bottom area, bottom CD
      • However at this time it is difficult to try to compare and/or correlate results from the various technologies for the various ranges of TSV  dimensions.  In some cases parameter are called by similar names but are different aspects of the same measurement
      • This standard would attempt to group the various technologies results in such a way that correlations and comparisons are valid or in cases where they are not clearly indicate this
    • SNARF will be finalized and submitted for approva
Paul Trio,
Apr 21, 2011, 10:40 AM
Paul Trio,
Apr 21, 2011, 10:40 AM