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***Board Members***

Tips for publishing information on STTI-Rho Zeta’s website and group email:

1.       Please email your completed information, flyer, handout, Powerpoint etc. to be published “as is” on the website.  It should be formatted as you would like it to appear with all relevant information.

2.       Multiple emails will not be sent out to the group email list as this results in complaints from membership regarding “too many emails” and increases requests to be removed from the email list.  Please make every effort to include all relevant information the first time.

3.       If you are planning an event, all questions, RSVPs and event information will automatically be directed to the event planner, not the webmaster, publicity chair or CE coordinator.

4.       Event information should include: date, time, schedule of events, place, location, who is invited/attending, information on dinner/food choices with a menu or price list, name of speaker, topic, number of CE’s offered (if relevant), and any details on requirements for an RSVP or pre-registration.  Collaborate with the CE coordinator to ensure that all needed information is listed and/or requested.

5.       Please be aware that information sent to the webmaster will be published as is.  Format and proofread your document and check for complete information before requesting to be published. 

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