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Fall 2018 - Thursday Classes


8 THURSDAYS September 20 – November 8, 2018

St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church

Alpharetta, GA 30009

CLASS TIME – 10:00 - 11:00 (1 HR.)

L1MUSIC APPRECIATION & THEORY – David Nash – We will listen to and analyze music from the classical piano repertoire including such composers as Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert and Rachmaninoff, with performance demonstrations given by the instructor.

L2 - CURRENT EVENTS Blount Ferrell & Birdel Jackson will present articles from the local, national and international news of the day for discussion. Active participation is encouraged.

L3I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU ARE GOING TO VOTE FOR…….As we know, the midterm elections are coming up. Have you ever wondered why your beliefs are so different from your family, friends or associates? Why participation and voting matter to some, but are not even on the radar for others? How public opinion on a topic is determined, measured and used by those who seek to hold power? Come explore with Kathy Vail the how and why these issues are relevant.

L4NEW WINE, NEW WINESKINS: THE PROMISE OF PROGRESSIVE CHRISTIANITY. Join maverick theologian Tom Buchanan in this exploration of “progressive” Christianity: What is it and what difference can it make? How is it “progressive” and how is it “Christian”? And why does it matter more than ever right now?

L5 HEROES OF THE HOLOCAUST PART II – Dan O’Lone of the Breman Jewish Heritage and Holocaust Museum. During the dark days of Nazi occupied Europe, Jewish and non-Jewish men and women took heroic actions to save Jews from extermination. This class will examine some of these courageous individuals from various countries including the United States whose acts of rescue and resistance are part of the Holocaust history.

CLASS TIME – 10:00 - 12:00 (2 HRS.)

L6 - WATERCOLOR PAINTING – Jan Buckley, accomplished artist will guide the beginners and hold an independent study for the PROS” in this educational but fun class. If you have any watercolor supplies from a previous class, please bring them to the first class at the Roswell Presbyterian Church. THIS CLASS IS FULL

CLASS TIME – 11:15 - 12:15 (1 HR.)

L7 ART HISTORY “DOWN TO EARTH”A look at the past fifty years of sculpture and other 3-D art forms in terms of relevance to and impact on the natural environment. A variety of artists and their often unorthodox media and methods will be discussed. Carlyn Romeyn, Ph.D., Emory Univ.

L8 – REVISTING THE CIVIL WAR ERA – John Evans. This course is NOT designed to “tell the history of the war” from the opening guns of Ft. Sumter to the surrender at Appomattox. We will cover the war and its strategies briefly, examining the impact on the civilian population, the national economy and racial structure. We will emphasize a number of the “stories” or “asides” of the war by considering some of the interesting and little known events and people in an informal setting.

CLASS TIME – 11:15 - 12:15 (1 HR.) continued

L9“STOP THE NAME CALLING” – George Clements likes to offer courses which encourage attendees to think “outside the box” on various issues. Are you alarmed by the bitter public insults and labeling – liberals calling conservatives racists and fascists and those on the far right arguing that liberals are communists who want to take away individual rights? No name calling but it should be interesting.

L10 – THE HISTORY OF NATURAL HISTORY – Sue McCuskey, Ph.D. From the “wee-beasties” seen in the first microscopes to Jefferson’s interest in American mammoths and the discoveries of today, this course is an overview of the fascinating naturalists who devoted their lives to studying earth’s wildlife.

L11 – A VIEW INTO THE SOCIETIES OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION THROUGH THEIR ARCHITECTURE – Jerry Cooper, a respected Atlanta architect, will begin the series with Egypt, Greece and Rome and continue up through Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance up to Modern Times.

LUNCH – 12:15 – 1:15 (1 HR.)

CLASS TIME – 1:15 – 2:15 (1 HR.)

L12 LESSONS LEARNED FROM PRESIDENTS’ FIRST LADIES – Jacque Coxe, renown educator and founder of the North Fulton Teaching Museum, will discuss how the Presidents’ wives established their role in the new democracy. Included are Martha Washington, Abagail Adams, Martha Jefferson, Dolly Madison, Elizabeth Monroe and Louisa Adams. Jacque will compare them to today’s first ladies.

L13 – INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION – Barry Pencek. Most historians consider the Industrial Revolution the most significant historical event since humans domesticated crops and animals nearly 12,000 years ago. This class will cover life before the IR, why it began in 18th century England and how it spread to Europe, America and beyond. We’ll look at agriculture, manufacturing, ship-building, textiles, coal mining, steam technology, railroad, writers, politics, economics and more. Lastly, we’ll delve into the second and third Industrial Revolutions and guess at what the future may hold.

L14“HOT TOPICS” each week an informed speaker will present a discussion on national and international issues about which most Americans are or should be concerned. Dick Higgins coordinates.  

CLASS TIME – 1:15 - 3:15 (2 HRS.)

L15 – BEGINNING MAH JONGG Helen Rosengarten - Bams, Craks, Dots….learn the language of American Mah Jongg while having fun and making new friends. Also, INTERMEDIATE MAH JONGG & MAH JONGG FOR FUN – Have fun and continue to hone your skills. Bring your 2018 card.

ARE YOU A SMART DRIVER? – The new AARP Driver Safety program class will be held Wednesday, October 17th – 9:00-3:30 in the Dining Room of Roswell United Methodist Church.

This is offered as a Community Service. Class fee is $20.00; $15.00 for AARP members. Do not send money to SEL but you may mark the registration form if you are interested.

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