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General Information Spring 2018 Session

A special invitation is open to NEWCOMERS and we invite you to join SEL at any time.  Participants may begin attending classes any time during the session and change on a weekly basis. Participants may also invite a friend any time during the session.

Cost: $50 for all classes offered in the spring session.

SEL classes are only cancelled if the Fulton County schools are closed due to inclement weather.

Parking for Tuesday and Thursday classes at the "DOD" on Roswell United Methodist Church campus:  Enter from Mimosa Blvd. onto Pratt Street.  Look for the large yellow Victorian building and follow SEL signs to park.

95 Pratt St

Special Parking: Please do not park in spots labeled "reserved parking" or in spots reserved for instructors. If you qualify for handicapped parking, please note on your registration form.

New Classes & Instructors: SEL's success has relied on adding new and novel classes by volunteers who love to teach. Why not give it a try or recommend a teacher? Or suggest a topic and SEL will look for an instructor.