About Us

Tom Nash and Mel Smiley teamed up in 1989 to put together Seniors Enriched Living to offer continuing education classes for seniors. Dr. Malone Dodson, Sr. Minister Roswell United Methodist Church, was familiar with this type of program for seniors and assisted in engaging other churches in the area. Tom says, “SEL has been the most fulfilling thing I have ever done in my life.”

Dick Higgins Picture
Dick Higgins, SEL Director, has a Masters degree in Theology and Education. Dick spent 13 years in the Philippines building schools in the rural areas. Returning to the States, he worked as Education Director for all off campus programs at Atlantic (N.J.) Community College. After 20 years at Southern Company Services as a Management Trainer, Dick served as SEL President until assuming Directorship in 1996. In addition to SEL administrative duties, Dick teaches SEL classes in History and Political Science.

SEL Officers

Birdel Jackson, President
Aileen Siddall, Vice President
Carolyn Erling, Secretary
Allen Buckley, Treasurer