Technology Consulting.

Every company needs consulting at different points in time. We seek help from experts from different areas so that we can run our business better. Seek help from Sellers Corp for your Technology Consulting needs.

We are in the business of creating value to our customers. The value comes from experience of individuals working for our company. We recruit and retain IT consultants having more than 10 years experience. Our consultants specialize in technology. They design, develop and maintain software. They provide consultancy for developing systems that can scale, fit the budget and seamlessly integrate with the enterprise. These systems can be developed at your site or at ours, depending on level of interactions required with your business team and your comfort level.

Our consultants have solved variety of data integration and enterprise integration problems with technology assisted processes, managed IT programs, and survived the toughest business requirements.Case studies of some of the complex problems that we solved are available here. If the case relates to a problem that you are trying to solve, please contact us at for more details about the case.

Technology Training

We provide technology training services in Chennai, India to IT companies, Technology divisions and individuals seeking career change into Data Management space. We specialize in Data Management Technologies as far as training is concerned. We deliver training via our partner Kaizentric Technologies.  Kaizentric is a leader in developing data warehouse products. The areas of expertise include Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, Data Mining, and ETL. They expose students in products such as Informatica, Business Objects, Cognos, Micro Strategy, and SAS.
The data warehousing market consists of tools, technologies, and methodologies that allow for the construction, usage, management, and maintenance of the hardware and software used for a data warehouse, as well as the actual data itself. Surveys indicate Data Warehousing will be the single largest IT initiative in Enterprises. Data warehousing is currently a $28 Billion market (Source: Data Warehousing Institute)

Business Intelligence and Data Mining augment Data warehousing. BI systems provide historical, current, and predictive views of business operations, most often using data that has been gathered into a data warehouse or a data mart and occasionally working from operational data. Data Mining uses both Data Warehouses and Operational Data to mine the data further to evolve predictive models.

Informatica data integration software and services empower organizations to access, integrate, and trust all its information assets, giving them a competitive advantage in today’s global information economy. Informatica started as a ETL (Extract Transform and Load) tool and evolved into a product that can enable data integration services. Informatica has batch, real time and on demand editions.

Micro Strategy, Business Objects and Cognos are various Business Intelligence software servicing different market segments (including some overlapping segments) and having certain distinctive features to their competitive advantage.

SAS stands out in Data Mining space. SAS is a powerful language that helps customers to perform statistical analysis and build predictive models. Clementine and Poly Analyst are other data mining products used in the market. SAS Data Integration studio combines certain capabilities of ETL tools with statistical analysis features. SAS Enterprise Miner comes with easy to use features for data preparation, summarization, and exploration enables users to build the models faster.

We also train Technology and Business users to use CRM application and to customize the reports within this CRM application.