Medical Transcription.

We specialize in Radiology Transcription. We do other Medical Transcription as well. We could help you with Medical Coding and Medical Billing also. We also digitize any dictation in to an electronic document that your staff can easily locate and read either over Internet or in a local network.

We convert the audio of surgical procedures recorded into electronic data form so that the data is accessible for learning and further analysis. Our medical transcriptionists understand medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, diagnostic procedures, pharmacology, and treatment assessments. They translate medical jargon and abbreviations into their expanded forms. The medical records of patient information are kept confidential. Experienced editors spot mistakes or inconsistencies in a medical report and check to correct the information before delivery. Their ability to understand and correctly transcribe patient assessments and treatments reduces the chance of patients receiving ineffective or even harmful treatments and ensures high-quality patient care. Currently, most health care providers transmit dictation to our center using either digital or analog dictating equipment.

Our typical clients are Physicians, Clinics, Hospitals and Medical or Nursing schools etc. We also have other departments that specialize in BPO operations such as scheduling appointments, answering the telephone etc. If you need help in these areas, please let us know. We are currently running a 10cents promotion, where you could get a great rate of only 10 cents per line transcribed.

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