We are in the business of creating value to our customers. The value comes from experience of individuals working for our company. We recruit and retain IT consultants having more than 10 years experience. Our consultants do not just develop and maintain software. They design systems. They specialize in technology. They provide consultancy for developing systems that can scale, fit the budget, seamlessly integrate with the enterprise and they also develop systems. These systems can be developed at your site or our site, depending on level of interactions required with your business team.

Our consultants have solved variety of data integration and enterprise integration problems with technology assisted processes, managed IT programs, and survived the toughest business requirements. Case studies of some of the complex problems that we solved are available here. If the case relates to a problem that you are trying to solve, please contact us at hr@sellers-corp.com for more details about the case

Sometimes, the thought of outsourcing businesses processes can be daunting. Some Businesses have mastered this art. If you are not one of them, please come to us to evaluate and manage outsourcing operations. We have been managing outsourcing of business data processing such as survey data, payroll data, medical transcription or simple conversion of data from paper to electronic media. While we manage these services via our offshore partners, we hold ourselves responsible for SLA and other liability. It's the best way we could think of to have you covered from risk of unknowns in outsourcing.