Following are a few problems that we solved for our clients. Please feel free to contact us at for more details about these cases. Tell us how relevant it is to the problem you are trying to solve. Try us to solve the problems for you.

Dashboards: Run your business on mobile. Make business decisions on the fly. We integrate your IT system's data and deliver an integrated dashboard that you can access using mobile app. We use Tableau & Qlikview for charts & graphs that can help you see the trend, foresee staff/ resources capacity and plan/ drive your business on the go.

Photomatic.IO: An innovative platform for Enterprise Needs such as Marketing Campaigns, HRMS, Customer Engagement, Time Tracking, Loyalty Rewards etc. Platform uses Blockchain and Bitcurrency to create trusted digital identity and to reward customers with real currency (well, almost!).  We implement and operate the system for you. 

SAP CLM/ PLM Solutions: Businesses are changing. Market is changing. Technology and new business models disrupt every Industry. The last thing a business should worry about internal integrated business processes and inefficiencies. We provide SAP consultants who can study your current processes and redesign & implement SAP solutions. 

Informatica Consultancy: A Leading Networking Component manufacturer approached us for a highly experienced ETL developer with experience in PL/SQL, UNIX scripting for a data integration project. Minimum experience required is 8 years for a given hourly rate. We provided a 10 years experienced person for this 9 months contract. The person provides consultancy on the solution and develops programs using Informatica. 

Pentaho: A Leading open source ETL software that's acquired by Hitachi. The software is loaded with BI connectors and solutions. Let us know if you need to develop or maintain data integration across enterprise using affordable Pentaho on yearly subscription basis.

Getting Unstructured Data into a Structured Data Warehouse: A leading asset management company's Fixed Income Data Group wanted a 'Structured Finance' product that could host research data from variety of unstructured data sources, including a few vendors and banks. We built a data warehouse using Java based parsers to convert unstructured data to structured data and Informatica to cleanse & build dimension, fact tables. Micro strategy was used as BI platform. Analysts/researchers use the BI platform to create investment solutions for portfolio managers.

Data Integration Center of Excellence: A leading Financial Services company's Data Management Technology Division sponsored Data Integration Center of Excellence as an ETL platform for Enterprise Data movement. We used Informatica 8.1 as the ETL Tool that can transform data and connect various enterprise systems.

Customer Relationship Management Component: Informatica 6.1 and CICS services were used for building a Customer Relationship Management Component (A CRM application). Informatica was used to migrate the data from disparate systems that hosted client information and was used for interim synchronization of migrated data. CICS services are used to expose the data to various CSR supported applications.

Loyalty System : We built a system that supports customer coalition loyalty program using Informatica 5.1 and Oracle as the operational data source. The system supports data collections and processing in nightly batch cycle. The modules such as Point Accruals, Redemption Processing, and Awards Maintenance are developed using Informatica to handle heavy volumes. Unix Shell scripts are developed for file archival, pre and post Informatica processing. Java based web interface is developed for daily operations and admin functions.