What is the Kyusho Institute?

The Kyusho Institute is an institution dedicated to uniting all martial artists and creating an environment of collaboration and education. We believe that by embracing the uniqueness of each martial art we all become better practitioners while remaining students. We help unite martial artists globally through the PinPoint™ Method. 

What is the PinPoint™ Method?

Over the last 36 years of teaching and learning martial arts, 25 of those years teaching Kyusho one of the things that has always bothered me is that what I was taught and how I was taught didn’t fulfill two criteria.  1) Nothing I was learning was designed to teach self defense for the disadvantaged - which are women, smaller men, etc - and everything was geared towards needing speed, height, weight, or strength. 2) It took a long time to learn the basic concepts.  Perfecting the execution of the technique comes with time and practice, however, my students weren’t grasping the basic concepts quickly.  As a result, I have been systematically creating a methodology of teaching Kyusho called the PinPoint™ Method.

The PinPoint™ Method establishes the effectiveness of pressure points (Kyusho Jitsu) to Force Multiply™ any martial art technique. It is designed to help turn any martial art to be practiced by any person more effective, regardless of size, strength, or speed. Through a combination of online, onsite and 1-to-1 training, anyone who is dedicated to advancing their martial arts education will be able to integrate the PinPoint™ Method into their martial art rapidly yet effectively. 

What will I receive through the Kyusho Institute?

The Kyusho Institute curriculum will be delivering kyusho jitsu teachings under the PinPoint™ Method brand.  The curriculum will be designed to create more value, more structure and flexibility so you feel that you are getting the best advanced pressure point education. There will be three tracks in the Kyusho Institute to learn the PinPoint™ Method and this is only designed to give you as much or as little education that you want.  

They are called:

    * PinPoint™ Student
    * PinPoint™ Instructor
    * PinPoint™ Master Educator

The Student track is for those of you that want to augment your current martial arts education and don’t have any interest in teaching this back at your dojo to your students.  It will be for those that only want to remain a Student of the PinPoint™ Method. It will be designed primarily for online learning but there will be opportunities for you to take classes with a Master Educator (list of Master Educator's to be released shortly) to augment with hands on learning.

The Instructor track is for those that want to become an Instructor and bring the PinPoint™ Method back to your students. There will be additional training in each level such as Stress Drills, How to Teach this to your Students, and you will have a class outline to teach from for each class.

The Master Educator track is for those that want to study the PinPoint™ Method in depth and understand our philosophy of collaboration, independent thinking, and have personal and professional development.  This track is for those that are looking to be in the forefront of building a community of martial artists for all of us to learn from and with.  

It is your choice which track you want to be on.  Which track you want to be on is only a function of how in depth you want to go in learning the PinPoint™ Method which is specifically designed to teach pressure point techniques from the vantage point of self defense for those that are disadvantaged.  For those that will be learning this for their own education  it will help Force Multiply™ your current techniques.

I have been training Kyusho through the Kyusho.Expert Curriculum, what happens to that?

The curriculum that you have been learning through Kyusho.Expert™ was the prototype for the PinPoint™ Method.  As I continued to work with my business and marketing advisors over the last year and based on the feedback I have received, we quickly realized that in order to deliver this training effectively, we needed to evolve the delivery.

The current Kyusho.Expert™ Curriculum will be folded into Kyusho Institute and the PinPoint™ Method, called PinPoint™ Reference Guide.  The PinPoint™ Reference Guide content will be reshot and edited to reflect these changes and will remain a basic version of what I have been teaching throughout the years.

This material will only remain available to those that are current members.

I am / have trained with another Kyusho Organization, how does this affect me?

We welcome your knowledge and advice that you bring with you.  The Kyusho Institute was built upon sharing and collaborating with many people, from many different backgrounds.  You may train with us and/or your current Kyusho Organization.  For us, this is fine.  The Kyusho Institute is about learning and sharing in a way that will benefit all, regardless of affiliation.

How much will this cost?

If you are a current KE member you will have access to the PinPoint™ Reference Guide through December 31, 2015. You will get the appropriate PinPoint™ Education Credits as you continue to complete your training levels.

Starting January 1, 2016 if you wish to continue learning the PinPoint™ Method, be a part of the Kyusho Institute, and are a member in good standing, please contact your PinPoint™ Method Instructor for access to your online reference materials. The cost is $20/ year and paid directly to your Instructor.

If you wish to train directly with me through our Student Track, the investment is only $20/month or $199/year.

If you wish to train directly with me through our Instructor Track, the investment is only $20/month or $199/year.

Student and Instructor material will be released to you each week and you will be notified via email

The PinPoint™ Method's unique learning system is broken down by Modules and Classes. Please click here for your Free Preview.