Baby Quakers

A few of the babies I have raised!

"Daisy" Pallid Blue Quaker #513 From Elvis & Sparkle.  Pictures to the left show a baby that I helped  hatch out after it had difficuty on its own.  The baby ended up being a  pallid blue from Elvis & Sparkle.   The baby is pictured on the top right two weeks later.  Notice the feet of the pallid blue are white, as opposed to the grey feet on a regular blue Quaker.


"Nori" Green Quaker #031 and "Willow" Pallid Green Quaker #032 from the colony.   These birds are sibling sisters,  hatched on the same day - February 24, 2009.  As with the pallid blue Quaker, the feet are white on a pallid and grey on a normal colored Quaker.  The fuzzy down on a pallid green is also quite yellow in comparison to a normal, as you can see in the photos on the  left side.  Even at just a few days old you can pick out a pallid in the nest box.  The bottom two photos on the right are of the birds, fully weaned and fledged.   The normal green baby was 

DNA sexed female.  The pallids I produce here are all hens based on the genetics of the pairs involved.  There is no need to DNA sex pallids that I produce.


Cinnamon Green Quaker baby "Queequeg" #027 & Green Quaker "Sprout" #028, from Barry & Gia.

These babies were hatched mid November of 2008.  They were siblings Quakers, although one had a distictly brownish tinge to his feathers and was DNA sexed male.  The other was normal color and was unsexed.


Blue hen Quakers "Daisey"#509 & "Ms. Marple" #510 from Mr. Birdie & Sunshine. 

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More pics to come as I have time