Here you can find out what kind of flowers and fruits grow in the Japanese seasonal forest. 

Use these websites to help you learn more about plants, biomes, and the importance of plants to people and other animals.

Blue Planet Biomes

Find out where ten biomes are located. Click on a biome and learn about the plants, animals, and climate.

Kids Do Ecology World Biomes

Click on the “World Biomes” link to learn about fourteen biomes. Click on a biome and learn about its location, plants, animals, people and weather. Also includes more links and activities.

Mission: Biomes

This NASA website covers seven biomes. Click on the biome for information on temperature, precipitation (rainfall), vegetation (plants), and location. Includes a description of the biome and links to activities that test your knowledge after browsing the website.

Biology of Plants

Provides excellent information on plants and their parts, what they need to grow, and the interrelationship between plants and people.

Plants in Our Daily Life

Scroll down the page to read information on uses of plants from building to food, medicine, and makeup.

Flower Dissection Activity

You can virtually dissect a flower and learn details about each part!

Seed Dispersal

If people don’t plant seeds, how do plants grow? Can seeds travel? Learn about four ways different seeds get from place to place. You can try an activity to test your knowledge.

Other Biome Research

The Missouri Botanical Garden has information on rain forests, taiga, tundra, desert, grassland, and seasonal forests.

Ducksters has good general information on all the biomes.

This website has lots of information on trees; it might be best for researching the seasonal forest.

You can use brainpop or brainpopjr to do some research on a few of the biomes. Go to those sites and login with this:

login: seisen
password: sis158