AWARE : Fall Detection & Daily Activity Monitoring System

What is AWARE?

Physical activity is the key in determining the well being of a human and the risk of sustaining heavy injuries through accidental falls creates a major medical problem for elderly people.

 We propose to develop an embedded system called AWARE, for fall detection and monitoring of common daily life activities (walking, running, sitting, standing, and lying down), through a novel approach that provides a low cost solution and ensures the safety and security of the elderly without restricting them to confined surroundings. The system uses an accelerometer to sense the acceleration of the subject and its output is processed locally by a microcontroller. In case of a fall, emergency services will be informed via SMS sent through GSM module.

Introductory Video:


Project at a Glance:

We believe that the kinematic sensor based approach  for fall detection is the best because of its cost effectiveness, portability, robustness, and reliability. Therefore, we propose a standalone kinematic sensor based system, which has three main modules: accelerometer, microcontroller, and GSM connectivity. In case of a fall, the accelerometer will detect the acceleration and the algorithm coded into the microcontroller will distinguish the fall from an ADL (activity of daily life). Once a fall is detected, an SMS will be sent to concerned authorities via GSM module.

To the best of our knowledge, the proposed system provides the most accurate information due to its detection mechanism and is the first fall detection standalone device with the GSM communication capability. We have opted for GSM network for our communication because it has a large coverage area. It also provides a cheap solution, which ensures that the elderly people can go outside their homes as well. We can generate an emergency alert SMS on detection of a “fall” event.


Salient Features:
  • Completely Wireless
  • Efficient Alert System
  • Low Cost
  • High Accuracy & Precision
  • Small Size
  • Long Battery Life